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MicroStation Drawing Names

MicroStation drawing names will begin with the project number. The tables below show 3 character codes that will follow the project number. For example: 12345ALI.DGN would contain alignment data for project 12345.


Note: x or xx - Indicates a sequential number

Bridge Cut Sheet Drawings
CodeDescriptionLevel Library (CSV)
A-AbutAbutment A Masonry (formerly AAM)BRC
A-FootFooting A Masonry (formerly FAM)BRC
A-RebarAbutment A Reinforcement (formerly AAR)BRC
A-ReFootFooting A Reinforcement (formerly FAR)BRC
A-ReWingsAbutment A Wings ReinforcementBRC
A-WingsAbutment A WingsBRC
B-AbutAbutment B Masonry (formerly ABM)BRC
B-FootFooting B Masonry (formerly FBM)BRC
BoringsBorings (formerly BOR)BRC
Bor-ReqBoring Request (formerly BRQ)BRC
BrDetourBridge DetourBRC
B-RebarAbutment B Reinforcement (formerly ABR)BRC
B-ReFootFooting B Reinforcement (formerly FBR)BRC
B-ReWingsAbutment B Wings ReinforcmentBRC
BrNotesBridge NotesBRC
B-WingsAbutment B WingsBRC
BX-DeckBox Deck (formerly BXD)BRC
BX-DetlsBox Details (formerly BDTBRC
BX-FootBox Footing (formerly BXF)BRC
BX-ReDeckBox Deck ReinforcementBRC
BX-ReFootBox Footing ReinforcementBRC
BX-ReWallBox Walls ReinforcementBRC
BX-ReWingsBox Wings Reinforcement (formerly BXR)BRC
BX-WallsBox Walls (formerly BXW)BRC
BX-WingsBox Wings Masonry (formerly BXM)BRC
DeckBarsDeck Reinforcing (formerly DRE)BRC
DeckDetlsDeck DetailsBRC
DeckSectDeck Section (formerly DXS)BRC
Devl-ViewDeveloped Views (formerly DEV)BRC
FR-ALegFrame Leg A (formerly FLA)BRC
FramePlanFraming Plan (formerly FRA)BRC
FR-BLegFrame Leg B (formerly FLB)BRC
FR-DeckFrame Deck (formerly FRD)BRC
FR-DetlsFrame DetailsBRC
FR-FootFrame FootingBRC
FR-ReALegFrame Leg A ReinforcementBRC
FR-ReBLegFrame Leg B ReinforcementBRC
FR-ReDeckFrame Deck ReinforcementBRC
FR-ReFootFrame Footing ReinforcementBRC
FR-ReWingsFrame Wings ReinforcementBRC
FR-WingsFrame WingsBRC
GenplanGenplan (formerly GNP)BRC
GirderGirder Layout and Details (formerly GLD)BRC
Pier1Pier 1 Masonry (formerly P1M)BRC
Pier2Pier 2 Masonry (formerly P2M)BRC
Pre-GenPreliminary Genplan (formerly PGP)BRC
Pre-SitePreliminary Site Plan (formerly PSP)BRC
Re-Pier1Pier 1 Reinforcement (formerly P1R)BRC
Re-Pier2Pier 2 Reinforcement (formerly P2R)BRC
ShoesBridge ShoesBRC
SiteplanSiteplan (formerly STP)BRC
SSDetlsSuperstructure DetailsBRC
Bridge Design Drawings
CodeDescriptionLevel Library (CSV)
brdProposed Bridge for MS v8BRD
Cut Sheet Drawings
CodeDescriptionLevel Library (CSV)
b00Base Cut Sheet (Roll Plan)Bxx
c##Curbing & Pavement LayoutBxx
fscFront Sheet - ConstructionFSH
fsrFront Sheet - ROWFSH
fswFront Sheet - WetlandsFSH
g##General PlansBxx
l##Landscaping (Cut Sheets)Bxx
m##Pavement MarkingBxx
p##Profiles (Cut Sheets)Bxx
pl#Property LayoutBxx
r##Right-of-Way (Cut Sheets)Bxx
rs#ROW SummaryBxx
sm#Summary SheetBxx
st#Sign Text LayoutBxx
t##Traffic Control PlansBxx
w##Wetland (Cut Sheets)Bxx
Plan Drawings
CodeDescriptionLevel Library (CSV)
airAerial DataEXD & AIR
bordersGeneric Cut SheetBxx
clrFinal Design ColorHER
eddExisting Digitized DetailEXD
eduExisting digitized utilitiesEXD &TXT
erlExisting Right-of-Way LinesERL
ertExisting Right-of-Way TextERT
erwExisting Right-of-WayERW
ex1Ex. roadway features (v7)EXD
ex2Ex. manmade features (v7)EXD
ex3Misc. existing details (v7)EXD
exdExisting Detail v8EXD
exfField CheckEXD
exuExist. Utilities & Drainage (v7)EXD
herHearing planHER
hhoInformational HandoutHER & ERW
lgyLegacy AlignmentsALI
llcLarge location map
locProject Location MapLOC
mthMatch linesMTH
pcnProposed ContoursPCN
pdrProp. DrainagePDR
pgrProp. guard-railPGR
plyProp. layoutPLY
pntProp. notesPNT
proProfiles (Roll Plan)PRO & Bxx
prwProposed Right-of-WayPRW
psgProp. signalizationPSG
psnProp. signingPSN
putProp. utilitiesPUT
pvmProp. pavement markingsPVM
pwtProp. wetPWT
pxbPictures - Bridge Design/
pxePictures - Bureau of Environment/
pxhPictures - Highway Design/
pxtPictures - Bureau of Traffic/
rowRight-of-way (Discontinued)/
ssdSuperceded Detail/
txtExisting textTXT
xs_mc##Cross SectionsXSU & Bxx
xsuCross-section DetailsXSU & Bxx